There is a small lounging area outside the office with a ping pong area, a pool table, a dart area, and a foosball area. Although there isn’t an actual lobby area, there is an abundant lounging space available throughout the establishment where visitors can enjoy complimentary lemonade, free water, and smoke. The dining room also features a lending library where you can hang out and read books. Close to the Nook, and just at the back of the pool, are the two huge outdoor showers. Whether you prefer a hot shower to a lukewarm shower, or just want to shower under the stars in these tiled, roofless, spotless showers, you are guaranteed a fantastic experience. However, ensure you get in early since the hot water can get a bit temperamental during late hours. Visitors can schedule tours with Club Arias Bed & Breakfast’s sunrise ATV tour or Aruba Bob Snorkeling, which operates in the area near the establishment. The sunrise  ATV tour usually begins in the early hours of the morning and tours you around Savaneta, taking you to places that are inaccessible by regular vehicles, while Aruba Bob’s offers a trip to Mangel Halto and makes use of underwater motorized scooters.

In addition to the small pool situated near the garden, Club Arias Bed & Breakfast features two additional pools located at the back near the handmade boulder-built large rooms. A pool featuring deeper-waist length and un-heated jacuzzi jets and a shallow wading pool featuring in-built lounges are divided by a trickling rock waterfall at the center. The jetted pool also features in-water stools, as well as an unattended, rocky bar space where you can lounge while enjoying a drink. The wading pool is incredibly enjoyable for kids.

Club Arias Bed & Breakfast is a fantastic family-run establishment (co-owned by the local credit union) in the serene southwestern town of Savaneta in Aruba. The establishment features a well-maintained garden area that has abundant lounging space, as well as 10 suites, including the Nook, which is a budget-friendly choice. The entire establishment features a Mediterranean-inspired style from the large grottos and faux boulders to the clay garden accents, furniture, signage, and impressive hand-painted walls. Another exciting thing about the rooms at Club Arias Bed & Breakfast is that they offer free cooked-to-order breakfast prepared by Chef Gabrielle. Chef Gabrielle also prepares wings, pasta, pizza, as well as private dinners. Club Arias Bed & Breakfast is a perfect place for couples and families looking for something different from what the regular tourist destinations have to offer, or people who just want to have a local taste of what Savaneta has to offer. Club Arias Bed & Breakfast’s sunrise ATV tour and Aruba Bob Snorkeling services come in very handy during your stay at Club Arias Bed & Breakfast. In other words, it’s an experience to look forward to.