The atmosphere at Club Arias Bed & Breakfast is friendly and relaxed, and you will quickly feel like a member of the family since the owners live at the establishment. Aruba Bob and his lovely wife live next door and regularly visits the family cat pad near the garden and the pool. The area features many outdoor lounging areas, including both uncovered and covered, as well as well-maintained landscape reminiscent of Greece or Southern Italy. Succulents, flowering plants, painted rocks, pebbles, and stone paths cover the ground. There are giant home-made boulders at the back of the pool area that bring a grotto feel, and the gates also feature a beautiful ivy. Since there are a limited number of guest rooms, the social experience may vary depending on the people who visit the establishment at the same time as you do. It is mostly an excellent social experience since most of the visitors are families and couples. You will also have plenty of opportunities to mingle with the locals in the area.

Club Arias Bed & Breakfast lies silently away from the main road in the small fishing town Savaneta and is less than 15 minutes away from Oranjestad. Savaneta offers an authentic taste of the local life in Aruba and is not precisely developed for tourism. Unlike low and high rise areas, there aren’t a significant number of shopping centers, entertainment, and restaurants near Club Arias Bed & Breakfast. Nonetheless, there are a couple of local food joints, a bank, a gas station as well as a couple of small supermarkets nearby. A lovely beach, which families are particularly fond of, is just 10 minutes nearby. You can go snorkeling at the Mangel Halto beach, which is just 5 minutes away. Ten minutes north of Club Arias Bed & Breakfast is Queen Beatrix international airport.

Club Arias Bed & Breakfast provides quite an intimate atmosphere featuring one small room known as the Nook as well as 10 suites. All the rooms are magnificent and feature a clean Mediterranean-inspired Bungalow design defined by Palm frond awnings. The interior design is something to behold and features tile floors, arched doors (which are handmade), sloped roofs with fantastic hand-painted murals, flowers, dainty mosquito nets, furniture created by Arias’s mother, who is a fantastic artist. All the rooms are near the pool and feature solar-heated showers, extensive Windows, high-quality furnishings, DVD players, cable TVs, and use a keyless, passcode door system. The suites feature kitchenettes with some dishes and a toaster oven that you can use during your stay at Club Arias Bed & Breakfast. Although the Nook manages to squeeze some of the necessities you will need inside the small space such as a microwave and shower, it does not have a kitchenette.

Since the suite showers use solar to heat the water, the shower is lukewarm rather than hot. However, if you want a hot shower, there are two hot showers outside that you can use. The only shortcoming is that they are only heated for a limited amount of time during the evening. The rooms use an electronic lock rather than the traditional keys. All you need to gain entry to your suite is your personal four-digit code. This makes it very convenient since you do not have to worry about losing your keys every time you head out.